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Young Adult

Willow never wanted to be a werewolf.  Unfortunately, no one ever asked her for her opinion. What is more unfortunate is her lack of choice even now. Apparently it’s time for her to get a pack made up of wild teenage boys - as in to lead it!  Utterly inexperienced with boys or leading, Willow finds herself facing the challenge of the lifetime.  Luckily she’ll have help in the form of the mysterious, grumpy, handsome, Gage - her guardian.
Interwoven in the web of their lives, unbeknownst to them, are tragedies and mysteries of a time long past. 
An ancient city….
A woman determined to raise an army and reclaim it…
And a werewolf who lost everything and became a nightmare to their kind….
All connected in mysterious ways, with Willow’s pack in the middle,  unwilling participants in the game of loss, territory, love and hatred.
A howl-astically addictive novel by Amy Richie! Extremely interesting and well written, “Willow” will keep a reader engrossed and intrigued until the very last page and beyond. Willow and the boys are unique, approachable and very fun; Gage is the quintessential brooding, mysterious love interest and together they’re a great cast. Now, all that’s left is the shimmering expectation of the sequel (which will hopefully exist, considering the ending) and the continuation of Willow’s adventures!

Mimi Smith