Wicked Sense

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Young Adult

Everyone notices the new girl at school, but the first guy to ask her out is Drake Hunter.  To his surprise, she accepts.  The new girl’s name is Skye, and she is actually a witch whose coven has sent her on an undercover mission to locate the Singularity – a super-powerful witch whose powers are so great they threaten to destroy the Veil of Secrecy that protects witches all over the world.  Skye believes dating a local boy will help her blend in and they soon begin to care deeply for one another.  But, thanks to a couple of unfortunate accidents, Drake discovers her secret.  Now Skye and Drake are racing the clock to find the Singularity before it’s too late…unfortunately, they are not the only ones.
Mr. Bueno has a good grasp of high school dynamics, as Drake and his buddies joke around and interact like a genuine group of teens.  The budding romance between Skye and Drake is expected, but tends to bog down the more interesting storyline of the Singularity. For example, even though she hasn’t seen or spoken to her ex (Connor) in two years, Skye spends a lot of time trying to figure out if that relationship is really dead before letting herself get attached to Drake.  Hopefully in future books, Mr. Bueno will incorporate information on the witches and their history and the intriguing magic system he has created. Still, it’s a good start to a new YA series!

Leslie Stokes