When Planets Fall (Stars Fall Circle #1)

Abby J.
Young Adult

Breaker lives in a world where blood matters — what color you bleed determines your tribe. The three tribes are on the brink of war, fighting for control of the planet. Malani is a red-blood, raised as a blue-blood, saved from the experiments of the green-bloods. Every tribe wants her to use her for her unique abilities, like having wings made of living metal. Breaker tries to help Malani find her freedom, while looking for a way out of the imminent war. He sets his hope on a starship that he thinks he can repair for flight. He tries to convince his tribe that their place is in the stars and they should escape, but is met with great opposition. Breaker tries hard to save everyone and everything that he loves.

"When Planets Fall" is a fast-paced, well-crafted and intriguing narrative. The world building is well done and believable, and details of the planet and its inhabitants' are impeccable, making for a vibrant tale. The characters are definitive and distinctive, with very distinguished inner and outer conflicts, compelling the reader to turn page after page. There were some "made up" words not defined within the novel, which may confuse readers. The ending was less than satisfying, with some sub-plots left unresolved, although as the first book in a new series this is not unusual. The story is intricately crafted and a stunning catalyst for the reader's imagination. The Stars Fall Circle series has gotten off to a promising start! 

Jessica Samuelsen