When Love Blooms: A Fitzpatrick Family Novella

Young Adult

INSPIRATIONAL/MULTI-CULTURAL:  When Andy sets eyes on Darcy, it is love at first sight. Darcy finds him attractive, but is also very aware of the fact that he is six years her junior. She is landscaping the high school, getting it ready for her high school reunion. Andy is a teacher at the school, and several of his at-risk students have defiled several of her newly-planted flower beds. Darcy puts in a bid to landscape the park at the same time Andy puts in for a grant for his at-risk students to work during the summer. As fate would have it, Andy’s students end up working on Darcy’s park project with Andy supervising the students. Can the two of them work together without losing their hearts? Will Darcy’s ex-boyfriend come between them?


This is an exceptional story about two people who really deserve some happiness in their lives. Andy, Darcy, and her father are well-developed characters who have some baggage in their backgrounds, so they feel like real people. The story progresses at a nice even pace and make this a quick read that can be read in an afternoon. The landscaping tidbits that are scattered throughout the piece are very interesting and informative. The hint of mystery in the story makes it a real page turner and difficult to put down until the puzzle is solved. This reader is looking forward to seeing more stories in this series!


Belinda Wilson