When Dreamers Fall

Abby J.
Young Adult

SCI-FI:  The book starts out with Breaker, who sacrificed literally everything for a chance to find peace and escape the war in Scarlatti. A stranger arrives, and Breaker realizes that if he wants to find the home he has always dreamt of, he’ll have to sacrifice even more—but is he willing to?

“When Dreamers Fall” is the second book in the Stars Fall Circle series which is meant to be read in order—as the synopsis of the book indicates. Readers who only start with the second book will miss out on important information and will not understand the full story properly, especially at the start. Picking up the book without having read the first book is hard and makes the reading experience less pleasant than it no doubt would’ve been if the books could be read in order. 

A whole cast of characters bring unique qualities to the table, and they form an intriguing pack: Breaker, of course, but also Jupe, Malani, Tahnya, Luka, and Breaker’s younger brother Brody, and more.  The action is non-stop, throwing the reader from one action-filled scene into another, but there is also an intelligent, overarching plot that keeps on answering questions with questions, until it all makes sense, and the heroes face one challenge after another. A captivating science fiction novel with an exciting and interesting cast of characters. 

Majanka Verstraete