The Week at Mon Repose

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Young Adult

Along with, what is the fate of mankind and what is our place in the universe, one of the great existential questions is, how much trouble can three girls get into in the middle of nowhere? The answer is, of course, an awfully lot! Especially if one adds an Ouija board, a creepy man and a genie in danger. And, to think, cousins Allie and Jenny predicted this would be the most boring summer ever! Now they, along with their friend Marilyn have to act and fast, if they mean to save the life of a genie they put in danger and get out of trouble. They’re not sure what to do, exactly, but one thing’s certain - this summer isn’t boring anymore!
Unfortunately, neither purple horses nor borrowed time could turn this book into something not to be missed. The girls were very immature and, unfortunately, not explored enough to become tangible. The plot was driven by their sometimes odd decisions, the result leaving it lacking in complexity and without proper development.   All of which would make more sense if the protagonists were younger, such as pre-adolescents. The bright spot in this was the humor, and the somewhat faster pace which added the needed life to “The Week at Mon Repose”.

Mimi Smith