Water So Deep

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Emma Harris is many things. She’s a daughter, sister, friend, high school student, as of recently an outcast and, oh, yeah, a mermaid. The latter might’ve been cool if not for the fact that her time on dry land is running out. Emma’s own body is betraying her, requiring the sea so often now. Soon, she will lose everything that has ever mattered to her, so gaining a boyfriend is a bad idea. Especially considering the violent way her previous relationship ended with Merrick, her possessive merman-would-be-fiancé. There is something about James - something irresistible. It’s in his smile, his tenacity, his friendship with her little brother and especially in the way he looks at her. Trouble brews, feelings get stronger, and time is running out.

Just plain wonderful! This book is so touching. Hopefully this is just the beginning of Emma’s story (especially considering the cliffhanger)! Ms. Giles did a great job keeping the characters down-to-earth and relatable. Emma’s thoughts, desires and fears are so real, one can’t help loving her. In many ways, this is a book about a girl’s battle with herself; struggling to accept that which she can’t change, finding a way to say goodbye and to overcome fear and reach out. 

In YA novels, male characters tend to be bad boys, perfect, tortured or a combination of the three. It’s terrific to find James an exception – a great, likable guy, struggling with life, but pushing through. If there are misunderstandings between the two of them sometimes, well, that’s life. All in all, a highly recommended, evocative novel! 

Mimi Smith