The Watcher

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Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Mia Crawford is a typical high school student stuck in the middle of ordinary, at least that is how she sees herself.  Little does she know that there are powers, and beings from a long forgotten past that are about to throw her world into a tailspin that just might destroy her.  

Michael was once an angel but he fell in the most brutal way when he succumbed to his  desire for Mia centuries ago.  Now he must redeem himself by proving that he can protect her in this life without giving in to those same temptations.  Given the body of a seventeen year old, Michael does his best to stay away while still watching over Mia.  When demons from the past show up, determined to have her, however, all bets are off and Michael will do whatever it takes to save her from himself.

While the premise of this story is not unique, it does add a very interesting and creative twist.  The story does a beautiful job of depicting life from a teenager’s point of view without simplifying the language nor the subject matter.  Some of the scenes may be a little strong for younger adolescents, but those older will appreciate the depth.  The reincarnation aspect of the story remained somewhat confusing, and more understanding was needed in the backstory but the fight between good and evil, along with the current pull of love and loss grips the reader, pulls them in and leaves them cheering for good!

Ruth Lynn Ritter