A Warden’s Purpose Wardens of Issalia: Book One

Jeffrey L.
Young Adult

EPIC FANTASY:  Siblings Everson and Jacquinn “Quinn” Gulagas are accepted into elite schools based on their respective natural talents. Crippled, Everson attends Fallbrandt, the school of engineers and magic, while Quinn goes on to the school for warriors. As graduation nears, each is kidnapped in the middle of the night and questioned about everything: their schools, the competitions, and even their classmates. Quinn tells of a double murder at her school, while Everson mentions his friend’s recent death. What will the kidnappers do with the secrets they have learned? Will Quinn and Everson escape their captors? 

“A Warden’s Purpose” is two stories in one, with Quinn and Everson taking turns recalling events. Each story has quite the plethora of characters, some of which stand out and have depth. Their friend, Torney, for instance, evolves from a bully into a healer and has a lot of depth and understanding. Most of the characters, however, lack depth and distinction. The plot drags, and the chapters do not progress in a compelling manner.  The story arc is weak with no real climax to get the reader sitting on the edge of their seat. At first, the story is difficult to follow with Quinn telling part of the story, then Everson telling the next few chapters. After a few transitions, however, this difficulty is resolved. A good story, it sets the scene well for the next book in the series, “The Arcane Ward, The Wardens of Issalia: Book 2”.

Belinda Wilson