Veiled Angel (Celestial Guardians Series Book 1)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  To hide from the forces of evil, Eden, an average, red haired, green-eyed teenager and her mother, move frequently and without warning. Eden doesn’t understand why until they move to Grandma’s house in the woods. When Eden’s mother mysteriously dies, her grandmother, Safta, reveals Eden’s true identity. Their family is Timoreo, blond haired and blue-eyed angels who protect mortals from demons.  A long-ago prophesy states a fiery-haired girl with green eyes will be born to defeat Lucifer and his demons. Eden falls hard for Kiah, a Timoreo sent to protect and teach her to harness her powers. The Timoreo Council must not discover their forbidden love, or they will be separated forever.

Delightful characters give color to this dark piece of good versus evil. The legend is very intricately woven into Eden’s story making whole cloth of the two tales. Unfortunately the story is predictable from the outset, with no surprises until the last few pages. It consists of too many detailed, repetitive actions – going to school, coming home, wandering into the woods, dreaming, and repeat. It is a nice story but could be even better with another revision. The first book in the Celestial Guardians series, “Veiled Angel” is a complete story that leads well into her next book, “Awakened Light”.

Belinda Wilson