Unveiled (Raven Daughter Book 1)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Josephine has never felt like she fit in, but when her mother finally succumbs to cancer, both Jo and her sister discover why. Born a child of an angel and human, Jo has everything it takes to be a reaper, except a reputable father. With crimes of her own birth stacked against her, Jo is determined to prove she can do her job without starting a war. Unfortunately, she may not have a choice as someone (or something) is making souls disappear from the rolls and only someone of Jo’s unique heritage may be able to stop it. Teaming up with the dangerous and enticing Caius, a demonborn and usually a reaper’s enemy, Jo will have to uncover her full abilities and choose her allies quickly, before her enemies decide to destroy her.


A paranormal story between YA and NA, “Unveiled” is the first book in the Raven Daughter series and is full of adventure and quirky characters. Josephine is brave, determined, and prone to being unprepared, which leads to most of the immediate conflict. Caius is sexy and far from being a good match for Jo, which of course provides plenty of steam for their relationship to build on. The plot is interesting, the characters fun, and the steady pace marred only by some time jumps that take away from some character building. The cliff hanger ending also might be a source of frustration for some readers, although for lovers of paranormal romance, “Unveiled” simply has too much going for it to ignore.


Sarah E Bradley