Unexpected Metamorphosis (Alissia Roswell - Book One)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Alissa Roswell worked hard to move past the abuse in her past to gain independence and move on. The last thing she expected when she revisited her childhood sanctuary was to be pulled into another world; to be thrown into the arms of a handsome academic and future leader, a man she could love. With new friends she begins to explore a new place, and then she starts turning purple and exhibiting new powers. When her search to discover what is happening to her puts her into the hands a ruggedly handsome soldier, Alissa must decide who she trusts, which way to go, and who she really loves in a magical adventure.


A magical YA fantasy romance, “Unexpected Metamorphosis” is a solid first book in a series. The main force of the book is the building romance first between Alissia and Grady, the charming academic and then between Alissia and Luke, the brooding but passionate soldier. The world is well built, with the government heading towards civil war and spread out definably between the north, west, and south. Alissia’s arrival and  the nature of her origins provide the smoking gun to the war kicking off, but the buildup to the possible civil war doesn’t actually occur until the end of the first book. However, readers looking for a romance fantasy adventure will look forward to more action in the plot of the second book and hopefully less helplessness on the part of the heroine.

Sarah E Bradley