Under the Owl Tree (A Stockbridge Novel)

Young Adult

Hailey is an up-and-coming high school baseball pitcher, whose goal is to one day become the first female pro in the male-dominated sport. When her family moves to Georgia just before her senior year of high school, she must work to be accepted all over again by her new peers. Zach is the assistant baseball coach and seems to have feelings for Hailey from the start, despite being 8 years her senior. Their story takes readers on a roller-coaster ride of emotions where love is tested, family ties are destroyed and rebuilt — and an unexpected turn of events changes their lives forever.

“Under the Owl Tree” is the second of a series, but also stands alone. The author takes a risk with the subject matter: that of a high school student forming a relationship with her assistant coach. It pays off in this instance, with characters that develop feelings but accept the consequences of their actions. However, there are several times throughout the book where readers may become confused.  Hailey’s father is an example; he claims to love her but also emotionally abuses her. Elliott treats his brother badly, yet also loves him.  There are a few grammar errors that may throw readers off.  Although the story sometimes does not flow easily, “Under the Owl Tree” is an enjoyable read. 

Tina Donovan