Traffic Jam

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Young Adult

Suspense: Val Delton’s high school life has never been easy, but since her Dad lost his job and her family had to move into a small apartment downtown, it has devolved into almost unbearable. Making matters worse is the fact that her older sister, Sam, is the most popular girl in school while Val is nothing more than the school’s biggest brainiac nerd.  Sam and Val have never been close but now Sam seems to go out of her way to make Val feel miserable.  Still, when Val happens upon a brand new iPod and bags of new clothes in Sam’s room, Val realizes her sister might be hiding more than they know.  As Val slowly discovers the secrets Sam is keeping, she realizes something must be done and quick before their family is threatened and their lives are destroyed.  

A superbly written, anxiety ridden ride of a read! “Traffic Jam” takes on some very dark and disturbing subjects while still dealing with the mundane frustrations of teenage life with surprising ease.  This is not a book for everyone - especially younger teens, as much of the subject matter is very adult in nature.  It does, however, shed light on the darker side of teen angst and the decisions, both good and bad, that accompany it.  Val’s character is written with a perfect hand, and is the star that lifts this story, teaching the importance of family and standing for what truly matters.  For more mature teens and new adults, this one can’t be beat!
TJ Mackay