Tomb of Truth (Marina's Secret - Book 1)

Young Adult

What if the choices of others molded your destiny, and what if it fell onto the shoulders of a teenager to make things right? Marina was tasked to step up and solve a decades-old bitterness. Years before her birth, her grandfather placed her family on this ill-fated path, which resulted in her grandparents' expulsion from China. An archeologist, her grandfather discovered something of legend; however, no one believed him and his work fell out of favor. In the present, Marina's mother (also an archaeologist) is given the opportunity to make amends for her family's mistakes. Once there, Marina found herself the target of revenge. With a secret to hold and a family to save, Marina found that all paths lead to the Tomb of Truth.

China remains a place of mystery as well as the home of dragons. With a chance to peek behind the Great Wall and traipse through the battalions of Terracotta Warriors, the reader is transported to a place many will never be lucky enough to see in one's lifetime. An American family of archeologists on a summer adventure, a legendary ruler sealed in a tomb, a healthy dose of mysticism and a dollop of secrecy made this an excellent recipe for success. This was a thrilling trip! "Tomb of Truth" is definitely one worth taking. This series is worth investing one's time in, to experience Courtney Anz's skilled storytelling.  

Amy Willis