Young Adult

Coltran Braxton tries to stay below the radar, however having a criminal father doesn't make it easy. When he meets London Carstairs, a model who becomes his trainee during a summer lifeguarding job, it is virtually impossible. Keeping her from discovering the truth about his family becomes a challenge and when he falls for her, things get even more complicated. For just one summer London hopes to fit in and be just like all the other seventeen year-olds, but with pressure from her mom to continue modeling and all the unwanted attention she gets it's hard to fit in. Both Trane and London share a common desire to just be normal, happy and loved, but it seems at every turn there is something or someone trying to ruin it for them.

Author Elana Dillon eases readers into this story quite nicely. The more one gets to know the characters, the more one is intrigued and connected, wanting to know them better. There is a mystery with Trane and London and they seem like two unlikely people to come together, yet you can see something blossoming from the beginning and it is easy to fall in love with them, while feeling their personal struggles. The parents tip the scale with both a plus and a minus, occasionally interesting to occasionally not. They did contribute some overall understanding to the characters of Trane and London. It is a very good story told with honesty that keeps the interest growing from the first page to last.

Margaret Faria