With These Wings

Young Adult

Phoenyx is torn away from her beloved Cole and his sister Chloe when the aliens that have invaded the earth abduct her.  She is one of the lucky few who escape, although she comes out severely altered by alien DNA, which includes the addition of wings. These changes make her the only hope for the remaining survivors on Earth. She becomes their guardian, although at times they seek to kill her, for fear she is just like the aliens attempting to decimate the human race. With the help of people from the compound, they can fight the Garce and the Psy, and cultivate some hope that they can save the earth.

"With These Wings" is original, well crafted, and action-packed. The action is riveting and will keep the reader on the edge of their seat. A mix of science fiction and a little dystopia, the novel's vivid descriptions are alluring and the aliens created by author Wendy Knight are unique. The characters are compelling and well developed, with the thread of romance woven into the story being a welcome addition. The many sub-plots add depth to the story, with small story elements (such as a fashion designer in a post-apocalyptic world), to keep readers enthralled. The takeaways are small: the span between the prologue and the opening scene is disjointed, and names interchanging within the text are confusing. The novel overall is spellbinding and will have readers rapidly turning the pages. 

Jessica Samuelsen