The Spellbinder’s Sonata

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Celebrated pianist Griffin Dunn has been asked to perform for Lord and Lady Byrons. Their young son, Jonah, is fascinated with Griffin, who is much too self-important to be bothered with the youngster. Tragedy strikes during the performance in the form of a shattered skylight and a mysterious curse placed on Griffin by the Byrons' nanny. His soul is bound to the estate, to be set free only when true love finds him. 

More than one hundred years later, the estate has become a music school. Kate Covington is a student of the clarinet, and while rehearsing she hears the notes of a ghostly pianist accompanying her. It is helpful, but spooky. Kate meets a student who looks like Griffin Dunn and says his name is Griff. Is there a connection between him and the entity haunting the Byrons' School? 

“The Spellbinder’s Sonata” is a beautifully written piece weaving the everyday together with the supernatural. The characters, from Kate and Griff to the most minor characters of Charlie and Ryder are well written and have depth to them. The reader sees and understands why each carries out their every action. The world building is superb and the reader can almost see the musty old estate, now the Byrons' School of Music. One can almost smell the moldering in the sealed up rooms when Kate and Griff go exploring to find answers to Griff’s curse. There are two scenes too racy for younger teens. The solution to the curse is brilliant and satisfying. “The Spellbinder’s Sonata” is definitely worthy of any library!

Belinda Wilson