Young Adult

17-year-old, Seth, has a very special birthday present to get and with time ticking away, he still can’t think of the “perfect” something for his girlfriend, Dani. As Seth searches the interent, yet again, he comes across an ad entitled, “Soul for Sale”  that catches his eye.  At first the promise of everything he could wish for within that purchase seems ridiculous, but as the hours tick by and no one bids on the purchase, Seth impulsively hits the “buy” button.
Little does he know the consequences of that one small action.
 It doesn’t take long, however, before Seth realizes the seriousness of that purchase. As strange gifts begin to manifiest themselves, so does a darkness he can’t seem to control.  Soon whatever is taking over his body is destroying all he loves - including Dani - but how does one rid themself of a soul?
 Ms. Murdock has created a enthralling tale that will make one’s heart race and spine tingle! The story is  cleverly crafted so that the reader is able to see the incremental changes while being given snippets of background that make the scariness of the situation jump right off the page as one watches the characters struggle to understand. While listed as a YA, the subject matter of soul possession might be disturbing to younger adolescents. Older adolescents, as well as adults, however, will appreciate the depth, the message and the sheer enjoyment of a tale very well told!
TJ Mackay