Song of Wings (The Siren’s Call #2)

Young Adult

DARK FANTASY: Korrina is beginning to understand what it truly means to be a siren. On top of that comes new duties brought on by the Council of Gods, and they’ve given her one task that she absolutely wishes she could refuse: kill the man she loves. Along with that, her siren family is growing, and the Council is eager to use that budding group as pawns in their games. Korrina must embark on a journey to not only protect her fellow sirens, but find a way to keep her beloved alive - even if he is also trying to kill her. Somehow, she will make everything right. Doing so might mean making some tough choices - ones she doesn’t feel ready to make.

Ms. Faryn has a beautiful way with words. She paints detailed pictures of the inner pieces of her characters in a way that makes them so easy to connect with. Korrina goes on quite a journey in this coming of age romance. Her chemistry with Jared is strong, and their relationship is one to root for; a classic enemies-to-lovers entanglement that keeps readers at the edge of their seats. Since this is the second book in a series, some elements from the first book needed a little more context to fully appreciate what happens in the second. It isn’t recommended to read the book as a standalone. That being said, the story itself is full of everything a fan of young-adult urban fantasy wants! Great for lovers of young-adult, mythology, and adventure!

Chelsea Andersen