Song of Curses: The Siren’s Call Series Book 3

Young Adult

FANTASY: A civil war between the gods looms over the world. As the chaos begins, Korrina runs off with the intention to save her love, Jared. But Jared is still trapped under the control of Phorkys, and his love is not fully within his power to give. While trapped, Korrina discovers her mother is trapped there as well. Phorkys gives Korrina a choice: join his side or be imprisoned forever. Can Korrina save the people she loves—and the world—and escape eternal imprisonment? Or will evil prevail? Mnemosyne’s arrival in Phorkys’s realm makes all the difference.

Kris Faryn’s excellent world-building and mythological mastery continues in this third installment of The Siren’s Call series. “Song of Curses” is best read in order with the rest of the series. The characters and plot points rely heavily upon the events from prior books. Korrina continues to show her characteristic snark and spunk and a wide array of fun characters join the cast. The book is told in alternating perspectives between Jared and Korrina, and each chapter’s voice is distinct. Overall, the story is well-paced, though it does have a few moments that drag a bit. The occasional slow moment aside, the plot twists and turns surprise the reader again and again. Kris Faryn’s use of Greek mythology is cleverly done, allowing readers well-versed in it to revel in its appearance, and those less well-versed to still follow along. Ms. Faryn’s fantastical world ties together modern teenagers and ancient Greek stories in a gripping, captivating continuation of this spell-binding saga.

Shailyn Rogers