Solstice (Volume 1)

Young Adult

SCI-FI:  Jezebel James lives in a dystopian world where emotions and free thinking are strictly controlled by electronic implants.  No rebellion is tolerated.  On her way to becoming a brilliant scientist, she has also been endowed with a secret too that could change the world.  The only thing is she doesn’t know if the change will make the world better or finally destroy it forever.


The future that Ms. Redd has envisioned is strikingly original and a departure from most dystopian novels.  Jezebel James is a complex character who is all-too-human as she struggles with the burden of a secret that could kill her while trying to determine where her moral compass lies.  She winds her way through a maze of mystery and moral dilemmas that would confound someone with more experience and wisdom and so it is not surprising that her character is often confused as to the best course of action.  However, some of her choices defy logic as she is unable to make the even basic decisions without putting herself and others in jeopardy. This becomes tiresome for the reader and slows down the pace of the novel.


Despite this relatively minor flaw, “Solstice” is a great read.  Ms. Redd’s prose is excellent and she vividly paints a believable story of humanity on the edge of extinction.   “Solstice” is a good start to what promises to be a great series.


Gwenellen Tarbet