The Sirens of Falkeld

Young Adult

HISTORICAL/PARANORMAL:  Catch a mermaid and be granted a wish, that’s what Kade Finely was banking on.  Native to the Isles, Kade is captured and coerced into helping the royal navy during WWII, which upends Kade’s plan to save the dying grandfather who raised him.  Gaffer’s vivid lifelong stories of the Maighdean Mhara are notorious and lead Kade to the biggest discovery of his life.


Cora’s life as a mermaid has been dedicated to stealing souls.  It’s a longing that defines them when they are turned into Maighdean Mhara.  With memories of only her life in the water, Cora is drawn to the topside when a soul starts singing to hers.   As Kade uses Gaffer’s old tales and trinkets to lure Cora from the sea, her path is changed and sudden memories plague her inner peace.  


“The Siren’s of Falkeld" is a courageous glimpse of historical details entwined in the tales of Scottish tradition.  This direct retelling of the mysterious world of mermaids paints a darker, more complex setting than most fairy tales.  It is original in its blending of history, fantasy and sinister plots, displaying the author’s apparent well-researched history of the isles. While tagged for Teen readers, the style of writing would be enjoyed more by younger readers.  Older readers may find this first person point of view disinteresting but augmented diversity in pronoun usage would decrease reader’s frustrations.  While looping threads together in the end of this book will leave readers with satisfied closure, slight modifications would improve this story’s overall score. This is an imaginative tale sure to breathe life into old folklore!


Roberta Gordon