Siren Tamer: Book One of the Siren Tamer Series

St. Angeles
Young Adult

The Anonlah are a nonviolent down-to-earth race who, with the help of the Kahlotah, defected from the Nazahpas. The older generations of Gideon’s people have made The Promise, but that does not extend to the Band of Brothers, responsible for the protection of their people. When Nemmin, a Kahlotah recruiter shows up, Gideon would be honored to return the favor, and brings along three of the Band of Brothers to do so. Their arrival receives a chilly reception by some. The Whisperings guide Gideon during the journey and introduce him to her though not by name.


The narration shifts between the two main characters, Gideon and Aliya, the majority of the time. This gives the reader snippets of information, allowing events to slowly gather steam. The universal themes of love, hate, and jealousy are present and one can physically feel these emotions as the characters deal with them. At one point, uppercase sentences indicate shouting which can be visually jarring, interrupting an otherwise smooth read.


This was a pleasurable read with suspense, humor, and everything in between. There are many more characters than those mentioned here, but they will be left for the reader to discover. Once one understands the circumstances of this created world, they will be hooked on, reeled in, and ready for the next book when it arrives. 


Heather R. Nielsen