Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Nothing like walking amongst zombies and wraiths with a toad in your pocket! 

Sin is headed for the nuthouse but, instead, finds herself in a round room of mirrors complete with a cauldron of mystery soup and six druid priestesses. Not exactly what she thought she’d be doing when she woke up this morning. And if that wasn’t creeptastic enough, Fey, hellhounds, black elves, and unseelie are now new additions to her vocabulary. On the flip side, a summer prince too gorgeous to look at (literally) and a sexy rebel with curly black hair and smoldering blue eyes may help take the edge off.


Imaginative and action-packed, “Sin” ricochets around a zoo tour of other-worldly creatures with a snarky punked-out bad-A teen as a guide. Fast-paced and quirky, the writing is fun, and the “voices” are distinct and “hearable”, but the lack of copy editing creates stumbling blocks like speed bumps on the autobahn. It’s genuinely a gem among the YAs but Sin comes off as too much of a tease and a-few-too-many fantasy elements crowd the awesome base story. The cliffhanger is frustrating but can easily be tolerated for another shot at a premise with tons of promise. On a side note, love the guardian tattoos and the cover. Awesomesauce! 


Sofia St. Angeles