Serpent (Asterian Trilogy #2)

Sarah Fay
Young Adult

FANTASY:  Princess Aria is excited to be marrying Lord Thomas - until she catches him in bed with her best friend’s cousin. Then the royal wedding is called off amid much scandal. Aria is familiar with scandal; she is after all the bastard daughter of the queen. But this time, it breaks her, and she runs. She steals away in the middle of the night, intending to go to the castle of her father’s friend, but changes her mind and seeks passage to go back home on a trade ship. While on her journey, she changes her name and manner of dress so no one would ever imagine that she is the missing princess.


Aria is an astounding character. She has charisma, daring, and creativeness in tight situations. Ethelyn, her handmaiden, is an equally strong person and acts as Aria’s conscience. They are two of a troupe of interesting figures that make up the cast of “Serpent”. It is an exciting story of adventure that holds the reader’s attention. Unfortunately, the story just ends with no resolution of issues that were there in the beginning, which is frustrating. The first few chapters are slow, but then the story picks up its pace after that and becomes a real page turner. Ms. Olson knows how to weave a unique tale that keeps the reader’s attention right up to the end.


Belinda Wilson