The Sentinel

Young Adult

Eve knows she isn’t normal. Normal high-schoolers don’t learn how to shoot, use multiple martial arts, and undergo extensive physical training on the weekends. But when her school bus crashes and her teachers make her safety the priority the secrets around her are blown wide open. Everyone in her life, neighbors, doctors, dentists, teachers, family and even friends are all mythically powerful Guardians whose only goal is to protect her at all costs. With the help of her best friend Seth, Eve uncovers the prophecies surrounding her and starts to learn to control the amazing powers that make her The Sentinel, the one meant to save the world. If she survives the numerous people trying to kill her before she does.


A YA paranormal romance, "The Sentinel" begins with the romance already established, the plot movement comes from Eve learning, fighting, and challenging everyone around her to improve. Eve is a balance between kick-butt fighter and girl in distress. She is determined and caring, and very in love with Seth. Seth is protective and supportive, a partner in Eve’s adventures without becoming too weak or too overbearing. And, Eve’s guardians are particularly interesting! After such a great build-up, however, the end is abruptly cut off.  A sequel should correct this, but some readers will still find it annoying. While this story is not significantly different from the many other paranormal trilogies out today, this one mercifully lacks insta-love and love triangles, focusing more on fighting fate and character growth.   Overall, this a great choice for lovers of paranormal reads at any age.


Sarah E Bradley