Saving Rain (The First Novel in The Rain Trilogy)

Young Adult

If one can imagine living hell on earth, Raina has lived it. When her mother died, 6 year old Raina began living a literal hell with an abusive father, who blames her for her mother’s death. Regardless of her childhood, Raina grows up to be fiercely determined, smart, yet vulnerable. She fights to be the woman she wants, not one who let’s her past determine her future. Working with the strong, and courageous police officer, Kas, feelings begin to bloom, feelings  she never thought she would have for a man. 

Kas wants Raina for his own, and when her boyfriend nearly beats her to death, Kas comes to the rescue. But, will he be able to break down the walls that Raina has built in order to survive? Raina has to learn to trust Kas, but can she? Only time will tell.


Abuse, rape and sex trafficking are extremely hard stories to read sometimes, but Ms. Stewart writes with sensitivity and compassion (the rape and sex trafficking are not graphic). This book is not for the faint of heart, but the love story between Raina and Kas, outshines all the sadness, and trauma. It’s like riding a very high emotional roller coaster where one’s emotions run the gamut of fear, sadness, despair, happiness and love all rolled into one gripping but beautiful story. The only reason this book doesn’t rate an enthusiastic 5 stars is that after being so emotionally intense, the ending leaves one with no closure, talk about hanging over a cliff!!! As a first novel, however, Ms. Stewart shows what a gifted author she is. Her future is very bright indeed!


Tonya Smalley