Sarah Fay
Young Adult

FANTASY:  Under the rule of usurper King Luther, the kingdom of Asteria is at unrest. While a rebellion army is assembling to overthrow him, sixteen year-old peasant named Layla is attending the Autumn ball at the palace and meets Prince Richard. After giving her heart to him she is devastated when old and guarded secrets are revealed and her life changes forever. Prince Richard shows his true colors and Layla must grow up in a hurry when responsibility and the weight the kingdom relies on her shoulders. Re-building her trust will be as difficult as re-building the kingdom.


This story begins like a fairy tale set in a fantasy kingdom but quickly develops into an emotional journey. The elements of a great fantasy are there but are given a light touch while the author focuses on romance, true love and heartbreak.  All of which the reader will be easily swept up in!  The dynamics of Layla's past are intricately written and give depth to both her character and the story.  This adds a richness to her characterization that makes Layla extremely admirable, although at times her stubbornness can exasperate the reader.  While the story's ending is somewhat predictable, there is plenty of adventure with a tender romance that develops and adds to the hope that both Layla and the story will inspire.


Margaret Faria