Young Adult

Warning: Dark themes and content

PARANORMAL:  Alec is struggling to move past the death of his parents, and when Maya walks by his classroom window in sunglasses and sandals, he has no idea that she will change him for the better, or that she’s a vampire. Maya was born on a small farm in the 1800s. She has never known what love is, and has lived all this time haunted by loss.  For the last century she’s been running from the man who took her humanity.  Both Maya and Alec are searching for salvation, and fighting for survival. Together they can live, but will they find salvation too?


An engrossing and emotional paranormal romance, lovers of Shakespearean tragedies will adore this novel. The character’s emotions roll off the page, the connections established by the characters and the choices they make are well-written. Although much of the story is focused on the losses they are struggling with, the movement toward something is clear and well done. The romance is actually more of a tool they use to survive and pull each other forward. The only issue is that the story is divided between Alec, Maya and Merek (the man hunting Maya), but the last two sections are actually all about Maya.  Although this gives more depth to her story, it deprives the reader of Merek’s perspective. Still, an exceptional paranormal read for anyone who likes brooding vamps, and H/h who overcome loss.


Sarah E Bradley