Roots Entwine

Young Adult

FANTASY:  Joaquin does not know much about the world beyond the forest surrounding his home. Kept as a secret by his family because of his strange hair and eyes, Joaquin is surprised when a stranger in town takes an interest in him and his gift. As a Phoshat, Joaquin’s senses are stronger than anyone else’s; if it doesn’t overwhelm him, and the stranger, Kallum has been looking for someone like him. In need of a Phoshat to track down a traitor to the kingdom, Kallum enlists Joaquin despite his young age to join his party. Leaving his home means adventure for Joaquin and the possibility of learning to control his exceptionally powerful gift, but will he learn to control his Phoshat in time to find the traitor and protect his new friends or will it consume him first?


An excellent YA high fantasy, “Roots Entwine” is a must read for any lover of unique fantasy and adventure. The world building is smooth, and the existence of Phoshat is different from the usual magic. The cast of characters avoid becoming too stereotyped and have a good balance of strengths and flaws that make the reader really connect with the story. Further, Ms. Bastedo successfully balances traveling, information gathering, book-gripping action and character growth with a small dose of romance thrown in to keep the story flowing without leaving loose ends or a section dragging. This is a particularly good read for preteen boys as Joaquin discovers himself along the way. A phenomenal read!


Sarah E. Bradley