Quest of Fire: Shadows at Nightfall

Young Adult

FANTASY: Jason Landsby, a modern teen, revels in Anargen’s tales of trials and tribulation. Because Jason is hoping to be a part of Anargen’s quest, adversaries are hot on his tail wanting him dead. Jason is thrust into a dangerous journey of his own, searching for Aria Black, granddaughter of Cinnaed who is the keeper of Anargen’s story. Aria doesn’t want to be saved nor does she even remember who Jason is. Still, Jason must find a way to rescue her while fighting dangerous creatures. While on his perilous quest, Jason also must try to figure out who wants to kill him. Jason and Anargen symbiotically become friends finding out they are linked not just in conflict, but also in life. Anargen and Jason’s worlds become merged causing a battle of epic proportions of good versus evil.

An exciting fantasy-filled monumental fable by Mr. Armstrong! The terrifying skirmishes are visually spectacular and hold the reader in apprehensive anticipation until the fateful end. The world building is astounding! Highly imaginative and original too. Unfortunately, there is very little background and this being the third book in the series the story really does not make much sense as a stand-alone. The dual timelines and intricate plot take time to understand. The story does drag in places leaving the reader lost and confused, wondering what is going on. Luckily, all the characters, including the villains, do stand out. Jason, the angsty hero, shows amazing persistence and strength making him not only likable, but relatable. This magnificent fantastical tale, comparable to Tolkien, is definitely in a class by itself!

Roslynn Ernst