Portal Through the Veil

Young Adult

Princess Tatianna of Faery is set to rule her kingdom. This is what she has trained for her whole life. Now, her father states she must marry in order to inherit the kingdom. He arranges an engagement event in which the winner will win the chance to woo the Princess into marriage. The unexpected arrival of Kallan, a dark faery and part human, throws a wrench in her father’s plans. Now the Land itself has blessed the union of Tatianna and Kallan, a plan that will reunite light and dark faery forever as long as the dark forces can be stopped in time.

The reader is transported to the world of light faery where Tatianna is the Princess and has the moxie to show it. The reader will enjoy the sass she gives to her potential suitors, which is downright funny at times. The book is fast paced, but not so fast as to cause the reader to get lost. The author weaves the story through enchanted lands, magic, and even a trip to the human world, where Kallan is reunited with his human mother and his dark faery father. There are surprising twists along Tatianna’s journey that hint at betrayal at the highest level and stretches back to her early childhood. 

Overall, "Portal through the Veil" is a delightful, entertaining read that leaves the reader breathless as the couple race against time to beat the evil wizard who influences her father and the evil impregnating their world.  The book ends on a satisfactory note that will leave readers wanting more of this delightful tale.

Carly Fulmer