Piercing the Fold #1

Piercing the Fold #1
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Young Adult

PARANORMAL/SCI-FI:  Jesca Gershon Sera is a typical eighteen year old, who has started college and is working in bookstore close to campus. The one thing that plagues Jesca is a reoccurring nightmare that she cant see to the end. It makes her uneasy and shes not sure what to make of it. She sees peoples faces transform before her eyes and can also hear others thoughts. She knows this is not normal but is afraid to speak up. She was adopted at a very young age and wants to feel normal. Eventually she comes to understand that she is part of a special group of guardians who are assigned to protect the world from others who want to do harm. She undergoes special training to learn how to deal with her talents and how to react to threats from others. Meeting and having a link with another trainee comes as a surprise to Jesca. 


Piercing the Foldhas many interesting facets. The scientific language and theories shared on alien life forms using wormholes to attack earth is portrayed in a believable way with a lot of creativity. The characters are interesting additions to the story but may be difficult to track at times. Some of the scientific language and Einsteins theories are a lot to digest but do lay the foundation. There is a romantic connection made and readers will be anticipating how it turns out for Jesca. This first book in the series does end with a bit of a cliff hanger, yet another reason readers will look forward to the next installment.


Julie Caicco