In Over Her Head: Lights, Camera, Anxiety (The Cecily Taylor Series Book 2)

Krysten Lindsay
Young Adult

Cecily Taylor is in over her head. Navigating high school is tough enough, but when you are secretly dating a pop star the word “complicated” doesn't even cover it. Cecily is certain that she likes Andrew, but what can a guy like him see in her? It doesn't help that her best friend is blowing hot and cold on her just when she needs her. With Andrew's schedule, it's hard to find time to be together and when they're apart, doubts plague her. Social media is filled with stories about his former girlfriends, about every aspect of his life, and all it does is prove to Cecily that they're traveling in different worlds. Then Cecily gets a chance to do a model shoot in New York and learns more about Andrew's world. Romance is never smooth, so when Andrew's world once more intrudes in their relationship, can Cecily trust that what they have is meant to last?

"In Over Her Head: Lights, Camera, Anxiety" is a sweet teen romance with a Cinderella storyline! It is every girl's young fantasy to wonder what it would be like to date her heartthrob. There is a lot of angst, texting and roller-coaster emotions at play. Krysten Lindsay Hager deftly captures the high school world, its language and the ups and downs of young love. The story progresses in a predictable manner and relies on misunderstandings for the conflict. Even so, teen romance fans will enjoy Cecily's journey and will be waiting to see what her next step is in the world of lights, camera and anxiety!

Tricia Hill