Once Upon An Ever After (Once Upon a Road Trip #2)

Angela N.
Young Adult

YOUNG ADULT/NEW ADULT CROSSOVER:  Anglei has always been keenly aware of the fact that life is fragile and short—especially since she almost lost her life in a tragic accident in her youth. So when she sets off to meet some friends that she’s met on the internet, in person, in a dramatic post-high school trip, no one is especially surprised by her spontaneity. Enter Vince: the computer-savvy Southern charmer who quickly steals Anglei’s heart. But things in their long distance relationship quickly become serious when Vince visits Anglei’s hometown in an effort to gain her family’s approval. Can these two unlikely lovers make it? Or will trigger-happy fathers and more than quirky family members cause the two to stay apart forever? 

Told in parts, this short story memoir anthology picks up where Blount’s previous memoir, “Once Upon a Road Trip”, leaves off.  This story could theoretically be read as a standalone; however, many of the anecdotes referenced in the text will be more easily understood if the first book is read. There are times when the story seems a bit unnaturally put together—after all, it is supposed to be a memoir and based on true events. Yet this may be due to the fact that the story is written as if the reader is enjoying a fiction novel, with dialogue and in-the-moment, emotional reactions. This a great coming-of-age story from an author that many readers will enjoy—with beautifully drawn characters and lush narration, this memoir is well-crafted and a quick but worthwhile read. 

Mia Francis