Young Adult

Alessandra, or Lyssa as she’s called, has lived within the forest for as long as she can remember among the monks who teach her at a very private school.  Herakles, her guardian, trains her mercilessly but never explains exactly why she can’t be like the other girls who enjoy boys, parties and a life she is not allowed.  That is why when Herakles must leave one weekend, Lyssa decides to sneak out for just a moment.  That moment triggers a backlash that she never dreamed of!  Suddenly everything and everyone she knows changes.  Her friends are taken or murdered, her guardian is gone and the life she knew shattered. Lyssa must discover quickly who she really is and why the entire world seems determined to find her and destroy her.  Oddly the very man responsible for the destruction might just be the only one who can save her.


Wow!  Within but a few short paragraphs, this story grabs the reader and refuses to let go until the very last page - and then with great regret!  Ms. Ford does an amazing job of developing a world where Gods and Goddesses fight humans for control then making it believable, yet terrifying.  All this while weaving a riveting story of a young girl who is not who she thought she was.  Lyssa’s character is perfectly written, with teenage trials and insecurities but with an inner strength that shines.  The only drawback is in the cliffhanger ending that, after such a nail-biting ride, throws one abruptly off the cart, infuriated for having to wait for the next round.


Ruth Lynn Ritter