Obsidian’s Eye (Eye of the Ninja Chronicles #2)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Mei – The Girl with the Stars in Her Eyes – has killed the wind demon that murdered her father, but she now has an even more important mission ahead of her.  She and her companions set off for JanFran with the intention of defeating Inaba, the source of all the evil and destruction that has befallen Japan as well as other parts of the world.  She also hopes to locate and rescue Akemi – another Girl with the Stars in Her Eyes.  Along the way they must beware of all kinds of dangers, and look for help from new friends and creatures.  For Mei there’s also the added delight and complication of her growing feelings for Ken.


Teenagers of all ages who appreciate a well-written and imaginative fantasy should put this series on the “To Be Read” list.  One should read the previous book first though, and be prepared to wait for the sequel, as this novel very much has the feel of an episode in a series.  At the beginning of the story one imagines one has started halfway through, and the end has very little closure.  However, there is much to enjoy in this coming-of-age adventure as Mei and her companions journey through the countryside, facing all kinds of trials and challenges.  The author shows great creativity in the world she has structured, and in the variety of people, creatures, and magical situations that are part of it.  Be warned - readers entering will find it hard to leave!


Heather Belleguelle