Nothing Stays the Same: A Young Adult Time Travel Romance (Soul Mates) (Volume 2)

Young Adult

TIME TRAVEL:  Brennan’s parents have always been unhappy together. When his dad, Ronnie, dies and there is speculation as to whether or not it was an accident, Brennan wishes he could go back in time to fix whatever made his dad so unhappy. Next thing he knows, he’s in the year 1973. His girlfriend asks around about Brennan and no one knows Brennan anymore. She figures out that she must travel backward in time to save Brennan from himself. If he makes a wrong move in 1973, he will cease to exist!


This isn’t just another time travel story - this one is unique. In this version the young travelers go back to deliberately make some changes, but hopefully not so many that Brennan will disappear. They are trying to save his father’s life. There is humor in the story when Leah makes references to songs that weren’t out until after 1973. There are a few awkward sentences, but they don’t take away from the richness of the story. There are many secondary characters, but Ms. Chant makes them so different that it is easy to keep track of each of them. One falls in love with these other characters who add so much color to the piece. The theme is awesome - how one single decision to change a tiny thing in the past can have such a large impact on the future - and there is an unexpected twist in the very end that emphasizes this. This is a wonderful book for anyone to add to their library. 


Belinda Wilson