Not Her Baby

Young Adult

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Aubrey Dale has had a rough hand dealt to her.  Her mother abandoned her at a young age; her father cares but he works a lot, and as such she is left to look after her younger sister.  The one person she is close to, her cousin Kailee, has been diagnosed with leukemia, and is out of options to extend her life.  Aubrey bravely takes on an in-vitro pregnancy - the last hope to save Kailee. However, Aubrey has no idea what kind of challenges she will soon be up against.


The premise for this story was extremely unique and interesting!  The first half of the book seems like a drama, focusing on the common challenges an unwed teen mother might face.  Then it takes a sharp turn in the second half, drastically switching to a suspense thriller.  The plot becomes very disjointed and random. Scene after scene unfolds but they seem to have no direction or purpose. It’s obvious by the end that all these disjointed scenes are meant to cause ‘misdirection’ in the reader's mind, in an attempt at making one guess ‘who the culprit’ could be.  Instead it leaves the reader feeling confused and disoriented as to what this book was supposed to be about.  Perhaps if both the internal and external conflicts had been narrowed down to one simple struggle, this could have been an amazing read!


MB Rose