Never Gonna Happen

Linda Kage
Young Adult

Peyton and York grew up together. Their mothers, having been friends for years, have their sights set on the pair falling in love as they get older. York does everything for Peyton. He takes her to school with him and looks after her since she has severe allergic reactions to a multitude of things. York is annoyed with Peyton the majority of the time, especially when he offers the most popular girl in school a ride and he tries to land a date with her while Peyton is listening in on their conversation from the backseat. Peyton and York have only tolerated each other up to this point, and falling in love has never been in the cards, or so they think.

“Never Gonna Happen” is a very fast-paced and fun young adult book following a blossoming relationship of two very lovable characters. In this high school romance, there are twists and turns that are very unexpected and will keep readers wanting more. The pacing of the development of Peyton and York’s relationship is done incredibly well. The character development makes them very relatable and down to earth. The hardships that they face are very realistic, and readers will get a glimpse into how they handle some difficult situations. The side characters are a blast, and will have readers laughing out loud. Ms. Kage does an amazing job of implementing suspense, romance, and realistic familial situations into a well-rounded young adult book.

Jennifer Shepherd