Mutts Like Me (The Awakening Book 1)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Martiza has no idea who she is, and never expected to find the answer by being kidnapped. After being snatched from her grandmother’s home by a group of shapeshifters, she discovers that not only is she a werewolf, but so is her long-lost father. Worse, her kidnappers need her to find her father, and help them fight a war against ancient beings out to enslave or destroy them all. Marti must learn to handle her new life, figure out the weird pull she has to the shape-shifting fox who grabbed her, and find allies fast — with enemies behind every door, one wrong step could not only get Marti, but her new friends, killed.

The first book of “The Awakening” series, “Mutts Like Me” features a diverse cast of supernatural creatures of mixed heritages and a wide assortment of sass. Unfortunately, the main character is not only an unreliable narrator, but she often comes off as too trusting and annoying at times, as very little is explained to her. The time skips and odd pacing results in info-dumping throughout the book, which leaves the reader confused at times about who the bad guys are, who the good guys are, and where humans (if there are any) feature in this battle. The potential romance between Marti and Toshio provides some plot threads to follow, but barely begins to develop before the story ends. "Mutts Like Me" is an ambitious beginning to a YA paranormal series; hopefully the potential is developed in the next book. 

Sarah E Bradley