The Meaning of Life According to the Mosquito 

Young Adult

FANTASY: Prince George is a young adult mosquito betrothed to the princess Anaya, and will one day be king of the Swampland. He should be content. However, contemplating life's meaning is causing him doubt and grief. He ventures across North America with his two trusty guards discovering new places, people, insects and predators. Just when he begins to unravel the mystery of life, the notorious dragonfly gang, lead by Crusher, descends on the swampland and it is up to George to save them. Will Anaya and his family forgive him for abandoning them in their hour of need and was his true calling right here all along?


Elegantly detailed and told in a fairy tale like manner it is enchanting from the beginning. A mosquito contemplating the meaning of life is both unique and entertaining. Getting to know the characters is a delight with their whimsical personalities and the journey is enlightening as the reader discovers facts and geography. Much of the deeper meaning has a heavier tone and at times can be a little over bearing. With a few fun illustrations and a thrilling ending, Debora Broadhead has given us a unique hero and a tale that runs from sadness to happiness and everything in between. It is a great choice for a young adult or older aged middle grader.


Lauren Taylor