Manifesting Destiny (Changers Book 1)

M Pepper
Young Adult

Cee has always had a crush on her best friend Marcus. However, not only is he not interested in girls, but at sixteen, both are on the verge of transforming into the animal of their true clan, which could separate them forever. Cee discovers that not only is Marcus a Magi, the ruling clan, but she has a dragon named Livian inside her. As the magi are possibly responsible for the extinction of dragons, all her hopes crumble. With more questions than answers and the Magi on her tail, Cee, Marcus, and their friends are forced to go on the run to find the truth. But what will they sacrifice to stay together, and will the sacrifices be worth it?


A YA fantasy novel, “Manifesting Destiny” is the first of the “Changers” series. Beginning with Cee’s worries, the story starts off slowly but picks up speed as it continues. Although the sheer number of new terms, clan names, and details surrounding the world building can be overwhelming and confusing at times, the story has a unique and interesting premise that should give readers plenty of twists and turns over the course of the series. However, this story ends with an abrupt cliff hanger, with the character development having just barely begun. Still, fans of YA fantasy will find plenty of twists to keep their attention, and book two with some answers should prove to be a must read.


Sarah E. Bradley