Love and the Punk Rock Grrl

K. H.
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Young Adult

INSPIRATIONAL:  K.H. Alynn takes the reader back to the early 1980s with this novel about a young woman who is trying to define herself in a hostile world. Rudi connects to punk music like nothing else.  She feels like everyone and everything has rejected her, and it has given her a bit of an attitude and a juvenile record. Between that and her dramatic makeup, many are afraid of her.  She gets a final chance to avoid going back to juvenile detention by staying with the brother of her parole officer and attending a new high school. She meets Tommy Goodwin, who is perfect in looks and everything else. She wants to hate him, but she feels deeply drawn to him. And Tommy feels the same. This unlikely bond leads to a love that will change both of their lives, but the road is a rocky one for both.

Love and the Punk Rock Grrl is a novel that sucks the reader in.  It’s hard to put down as the story unfolds. Rudi is an incredible young woman with so much to offer, despite her rough start in life, and the rock-hard armor of anger she wears to keep others away.  Tommy is sweet and genuine in a way that is irresistible. Together, they made sense.  While this novel is quite depressing and heartbreaking, it is also emotional and heartfelt.  Readers won’t come away unmoved from this story of a punk rock girl who learns how to love and be loved.


Danielle Hill