Losing Logan (Losing Logan #1)

Sherry D.
Young Adult

PARANORMAL/MYSTERY:  Zoe and her best friend Carlos are at the funeral home viewing for her friend Logan. She feels so wrong being there - she and Logan had not been close for years. She ventures out of the sanctuary to use the restroom and is shocked to see Logan walking towards her. She pulls him aside to admonish him for pretending to be dead.  That's when he informs Zoe she is the only one who can see or hear him.  He wants her to help him figure out how he died, because he has no memory of his death. As Logan guides Zoe along in the mystery of his death, he gets her involved with his best friend, Kyle, who is part of the popular crowd. Then there’s another death in their class that is suspicious and Zoe decides to investigate, even if the cost is her own life.

Follow-up to the novella "Haunting Zoe", "Losing Logan" is a tightly-spun tale that can be enjoyed by adults as well as the young adults for whom it is written. It is action packed from the very beginning and can easily be read in a single afternoon. Ms. Ficklin does a wonderful job transporting the reader back to the days of high school and the angst that everyone suffers through as a teenager. The theme of "Losing Logan" is a common one:  a spirit can find no rest and seeks the help of the only living person who can see them.  

Nicely done!

Belinda Wilson