A Life, Redefined (A Rowan Slone Novel, Volume 1)

Tracy Hewitt
Young Adult

At the tender age of 10, Rowan Slone and her family suffer what no family should experience. Her infant brother Aidan is found dead in his crib after she has taken care of his needs the night before, when her practically nonexistent mother didn't. Fast forward seven years, Rowan is now 17 and has believed she was responsible for her brother’s death all that time. No one in her family helps her realize it wasn’t her fault.  They all blame her, even her younger sister. One bright light in an otherwise dismal life is Mike Anderson, her new biology partner, and the boy she has had a crush on for months. When he invites her to Prom, her dream comes true, and her life just might take a turn for the better. Does she dare hope? That hope is ripped right out from underneath her when she discovers a long held secret, but will this secret help her move forward, or condemn her to live in the past?

Tracy Hewitt Meyer has written a deep, emotionally intense novel of how teenagers take it upon themselves to deal with the pain and suffering of life, without the help of their parents. This tale is gripping, powerful and at times overwhelming. One’s emotions will be wrapped up along with Rowan’s, and leave one’s heart aching for her. Because of the intense nature and topic of this story, parents would be well advised to read it before handing it over to their teenager. Ms. Meyer is an author worth keeping an eye on, and a talent worth reading!!!


Tonya Smalley