A Life, Forward

Tracy Hewitt
Young Adult

The sequel to “A Life, Redefined”, Rowan Sloane is back and trying to move on from the chaos that is her life. Now living with the Andersons, Rowan is working at a job she enjoys, and studying hard to finish school and go away to college. But with her mother in jail, and her boyfriend Mike away at University, Rowan is struggling to stay strong. Will she lose everything she has worked for?  Rowan must face her family even while she makes some decisions that could make or break her future.


“A Life, Forward” is a gritty YA read. Rowan has had a very rough life. She’s dealt with the blame from her little brother’s death for years. Her sister lied about her boyfriend, and then he boyfriend left for University, leaving Rowan with his wonderful family who she can’t help but feel out of place with. Rowan has to find her identity which, despite some difficulty, manages to do "A Life, Forward".  Ms. Meyer has created a story with emotion rolling off the page, speaking of survival after dark times. Rowan grows a great deal, and the way she confronts each relationship in the book is really believable. The only downside to the book is the change in Rowan’s relationship with Mike and the way he acts toward Rowan, which is hard to align with the previous book. However, overall this is a fantastic read!


Sarah E Bradley