Life on the Edge

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Young Adult

Emily Butler and Christopher Grayden are ice skaters. Not just any skaters, but the pair slated to challenge Russia for the gold at the Olympics. But first they must master the dangerous triple twist and more than a few challenges off the ice.Sergei is their Russian skating coach, young and developing his own professional career. 

From the first failed jump of the pair skaters to Emily's controversial romance that could ruin careers, Ms. Comeaux does an artistically fine job of keeping readers on the edge! Ms. Comeaux exhibits finesse with the written word worthy of veteran authors.  She skillfully takes us into the skating world with intelligent use of repeated lutzes, lifts, and jumps without freezing the reader out with boring repetition. She exhibits a grasp for the writing craft that is rarely seen in an author's first novel.

Though written in first person, the "I's" are kept to a minimum, and the editing shows a touch of uniqueness that slows readers down without throwing them out of the story. Ms. Comeaux's "telling" moments slow the pace, yet are generally kept to a comfortable minimum.  Life on the Edge is truly an outstanding performance for a new writer!

Erin Murdock