Legacy Awakened (Prime Legacy #1)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  After dreaming of a beautiful white wolf, Ava is convinced he is meant for her. Born to fae and wolf-shifter parents, she has the exceptional ability to connect with wolves and see threads of communication between them. Hunter is a wolf were-shifter, and protector of the Arctic wolves. While on his lonely patrols of the tundra, he sees a glorious golden wolf and fantasizes she could be his, but he is an Alpha and duty must be his first priority. The wolf population has plummeted, threatened by human poaching and now a deadly virus much like rabies. Once Ava and Hunter meet, they soon realize there is more at stake than saving the wolves — and the clock is ticking down fast.

This lively, clean, and unique fantasy will appeal to wolf admirers and shape shifter fans alike. Ava and Hunter carry the story, shifting points of view over a two-year period. This is a compelling tale centered on a devoted few determined to save the dwindling wolf population. The drawback is confusion from comments regarding something that happened, only to have to read several more chapters to have it actually happen. The character’s motivation is strong, however the story’s pacing is confusing. The compassion felt by Ava, Hunter, and the team is genuine and it is enjoyable to watch Ava deal with Hunter’s rude behavior. He has certainly been a lone wolf for too long.  

Emerson Matthews